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Business Storytelling

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Who are We-Storytellers – the passionate word hunters who tell your stories of success, innovation, grit and vision. How do we humanize technology, connect businesses to consumers, and build social positioning with consistent, credible and continuous communication? Get to know us a bit more…

Business Storytelling

Don’t Create Content, Tell Stories

When you write content, you tick off a requirement. When you tell stories, you connect. Don’t settle for generic content. Create assets that give you returns. Blogs, articles, white papers, solution briefs, case studies—tell every story with clarity, simplicity, and impact. Let’s craft precise messaging, nuanced structure, and eloquent narratives.

Our Offerings

Elevate the positioning of your products and services with nuanced business storytelling. Expand your team’s bandwidth and deliver impact with our expert support.

Speak to the last one, build an inclusive organization. Drive change with clarity and confidence. Stay resilient in crises. Craft communication programs that connect.

Bring your product and services to market with confidence. Get all you need to kickstart your marketing with an inclusive package, exclusively designed for you.

Amplify your voice, expand your reach. Leverage social platforms to transform your thoughts into compelling narratives. Showcase your thought leadership with our personalized programs.

Decode the magic of storytelling. Give your teams tools and techniques to be better communicators. Our immersive experiential workshops bring out the nuanced storyteller in each one.

Define a unique brand identity, reduce cost per hire,  stand out in the employer’s market, engage better, and stay ahead on the talent expectation curve with our proven frameworks.

Our Blogs

Building customer personalization

Knowing how your customer feels could be the key to building a lasting relationship with your brand. While there is a lot of steadfast data...
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Exploring the psychological effects of AI

Navigating the Mind Maze: AI’s Potential Complexities in Shaping the Human Psyche 

AI is now an integral part of our work and personal lives, making things easier with virtual assistants and smart devices that cater to our...
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Mastering Business Storytelling as a Skill

Cultivating Business Storytellers: Busting the Talent Myth

Business storytelling elevates businesses above transactions. It weaves, crafts and connects businesses to its stakeholders with thoughtful narratives.   Think about Nike, their ‘Just do it’...
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Our Client Validation

  • It is a pleasure to work with Nidhi. She has a good understanding of technology trends and can understand different point of views and articulate them in a coherent manner. The best part of working with Nidhi is her flexibility.

    Pareekh Jain
    Founder and Lead Analyst, EIIRTrend and Pareekh Consulting
  • As business storytellers, We-Storytellers is very committed to the craft. They bring in fresh ideas, market research and work as partners with ownership to deliver impactful content, which helps in demand generation.

    Naveen Rajdev
    Vice president - Enterprise Business at ColorTokens, Inc. and Former Global CMO - Wipro.
  • We look at We-Storytellers as our extended marketing team. In a short time, they have built a strong understanding of our services and solutions. Going beyond content, we trust their counsel on campaign strategy for new service lines. I see our relationship strengthening further in the future.

    Madhavi Natukala
    Associate VP, Marketing, Cloud4C
  • Nidhi and her team have a true strength in long form storytelling that weaves together complex technical, business and poetry; all necessary elements to initiate our buyer audience into action.

    Sowmya Murthy
    Chief Customer Officer, Seven Lakes Technologies

Our Story

We are Storytellers

We bring the art of business storytelling in Organization and Marketing Communication. We were born during the Covid crisis to fulfil the need for engaging and meaningful communication. Our purpose is to equip organizations to build a voice, inside out and communicate with confidence, clarity, and conviction, during and beyond these challenging times.

We Are Digital Native

We laid the foundation for our digital office, as the world was coming to terms with remote work and virtual connect. Team members from across the country were onboarded virtually, leveraging the advancement of technology. We serve our global clientele with a philosophy of value beyond any boundaries, with complete ownership of the outcomes.

We Are Purpose Driven

We are committed to our craft and are here to build more engaged organizations with the power of meaningful communication. Our approach is collaborative and we take complete ownership of outcomes. Compassion, Commitment, and Continuous Communication are our value drivers.

Our Awards & Certifications

Our Team

Founder and Chief Storyteller
Business Partner and Organization Communications Head

Contact Us

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