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Mastering the Art of Storytelling

Creating Emotional Ties: The Role of Storytelling in Relationship Building

An entrepreneur, innovator, tech leader and storyteller, Atul Jalan’s insights on analytics and consumer tech are sought by publications and forums worldwide. His single objective...
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SEO strategies for business success

Winning the SEO Game: Essential Strategies for Business Success

Gone are the days when keywords were the only SEO technique that mattered. Today, high-quality content combined with well-researched keywords play a crucial role in...
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Achieving brand differentiation in a crowded digital landscape

Blending Human Touch with AI: How to Achieve Brand Differentiation in a Crowded Digital Landscape

AI, with its diverse content generation tools, is significantly reshaping the content marketing industry. A recent Statistical report reveals that the global market revenue of...
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Humanizing technology and services through stories

Strengthening Customer Relationships: How Storytelling can Help Businesses Connect with their Audience to Drive Action

An award-winning journalist, renowned radio and TV personality, and a media entrepreneur, Vasanthi Hariprakash excels in the art of storytelling. She is the Founder-Editor of...
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The impact of AI in marketing

The Impact of AI in Marketing: Are We Successfully Riding the Wave or Caught in the Current? 

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on marketers is reshaping the way they approach their craft. From data analytics to customer engagement, AI is influencing...
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A story coach's perspective on the impact of business storytelling

The Impact of Business Storytelling: Insights from a Seasoned Story Coach

A story coach, founder, speaker and consultant, Ameen Haque has more than two decades of experience across advertising, theatre, and mythology. He holds a deep-seated...
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How Customer Stories Can Shape Your Brand Identity

The Power of Customer Stories in Shaping Your Brand

Today, customers require social proof before they make a purchase decision. In fact, a Nielsen study shows that 88% of consumers buy products based on...
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The Art of Framing Successful Internal Communication

The Art of Framing Successful Internal Communication

A seasoned consultant, trainer, speaker and thought leader, Sandrine Bardot is a true expert in organization transformation with an impressive 30-year journey spanning diverse sectors...
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9 LinkedIn Jedi mind tricks to grow your audience

9 Sassy Ways to Shine on LinkedIn

Boosting your personal brand on LinkedIn requires more than great content; it demands an engaged and valuable audience. We’ve outlined the top 9 strategies to...
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Business Growth with Thought Leadership

Business Growth with Thought Leadership

In 2024, we can anticipate a series of positive market changes and significant global events, some even challenging & critical. Effective leadership will be crucial,...
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A deep exploration into the subtleties of brand storytelling

Decoding the Mantra of Brand Storytelling

A founder, brand strategist, coach and bestselling author, Ambi M G Parameswaran brings over 40 years of experience in crafting successful brand stories for notable...
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Exploring brand storytelling from a marketer’s perspective

Brand Storytelling Through the Marketers’ Lenses

A passionate learner, marketer and storyteller, Aditya finds joy in the exploration of change and transformation across industries, geographies, and cultures.   With an extensive background...
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Building customer personalization

Knowing how your customer feels could be the key to building a lasting relationship with your brand. While there is a lot of steadfast data...
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Exploring the psychological effects of AI

Navigating the Mind Maze: AI’s Potential Complexities in Shaping the Human Psyche 

AI is now an integral part of our work and personal lives, making things easier with virtual assistants and smart devices that cater to our...
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Mastering Business Storytelling as a Skill

Cultivating Business Storytellers: Busting the Talent Myth

Business storytelling elevates businesses above transactions. It weaves, crafts and connects businesses to its stakeholders with thoughtful narratives.   Think about Nike, their ‘Just do it’...
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A roadmap to client success

Mapping the Path to Your Client’s Happily Ever After

Here’s an interesting story.  Sarah, an experienced marketer, had an interesting encounter when her client, John, visited her office one day. John, an enthusiastic inventor,...
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Crafting a thought leadership positioning

Trust, Credibility and Compassion: Making of a Thought Leadership Brand 

Everyone has something to say, but why should anyone listen?   Well, if you are part of that group of everybody, your voice is drowned in...
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The role of influencer marketing in B2B companies

Sowing Seeds and Cultivating Roots of B2B Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing or social media marketing has been associated with B2C for a very long time. But given its reach and credibility today, it is...
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Communication That Captivates: Leadership Communication Leading for Employer Brand

Building Trust and Engagement: How Leadership Communication Shapes Employer Branding 

Winston Churchill famously asserted, “The difference between mere management and leadership is communication.”  Effective leadership communication is the bedrock of trust, engagement, and a shared...
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Fueling Customer Connection in Today’s Digital Era  

Two recent adverts tugged at heartstrings and brought forth fond memories of the nineties in the Indian diaspora. The first ad, launched in July 2023,...
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Reshaping Customer Conversations from Disappointment to Delight 

Recently, I had a disappointing interaction with the customer service of a well-known brand. I had purchased a laptop from a reputed electronic store, and...
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Of Intelligence, Artificial, Real or Otherwise 

End of the world epidemic or wonder box of unlimited potential – the expectations from Artificial Intelligence (AI) are immense. When Geoffrey Hinton, ex VP...
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Telling Stories of Family Businesses and Startups 

It was 1947. Like thousands of others, a young man arrived in Delhi from Sialkot, Punjab, fleeing the horrors of Partition. With just Rs. 1,500...
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The Kaleidoscope of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Workplace 

A kaleidoscope is always intriguing. As a child, I was captivated by the array of diverse, colourful designs. Unaware of the workings of a kaleidoscope,...
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Business Storytelling

Seeing Business Through Story Colored Lenses

When was the last time you were enthralled by a story?   I am sure there would have been nights where you couldn’t help but stay...
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Building B2B Brand Strategy: Diversity in Storytelling

Stories of Diversity, Diversity of Storytelling

Diversity and Storytelling in B2B Marketing and Branding Stories have fascinated both children and adults for centuries. People are drawn to stories because of their...
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Reimagining Content Marketing: The Power of Generative AI Tools

The story of content as a tool of engagement goes back to 1800. Librairie Galignani, a bookstore in Paris, took a novel route to attract...
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The Superwoman label, thought to be empowering actually creates an unrealistic expectations from women. Fortunately, slowly the cracks in this idea are slowly emerging.

Superwoman? No, Thank You!

She works under a glass ceiling and manages household duties around the clock. Yes, she is a superwoman; but her cape is a carapace.    Every...
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Infinite Business Stories

Infinite Business Stories

There’s a story in every step towards a goal.   Looking through a microscope, you will find the most minute details of a living or nonliving...
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Resolution 2023 – Becoming a better storyteller

Resolution 2023 – Becoming a Better Storyteller

It’s been a little more than 2 years since I joined We-Storytellers, a community that is driven to make an impact in the business storytelling...
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Communication beyond workplace

Communication Beyond the Workplace: Staying Connected After Moving On 

Read our blog to explore the often-overlooked need for connection with workplace and colleagues post departure. And understand the current dynamics at play and the...
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Children make the best marketers

Children Make the Best Marketers – Interactive and Experimental Tactics to Learn from Them 

I often look at children and think, ‘I wish I could be a child again!’     Of course, this thought usually stems from observing a child’s...
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Fuelling Adulthood Rediscovery with Childlike Attitude

Fuelling Adulthood Rediscovery with Childlike Attitude 

Curious about similarities between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg? Other than being tech moguls and multi-billionaires, around age 12, both had, of their own accord,...
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Cyber security for marketers

Cyber Security for Marketers

With new digital initiatives taking the front seat in driving organizational innovation, marketers should help voice out their organization's commitment to protecting data and communications.
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Genesis of a business storyteller

Genesis of a Business Storyteller

Read our blog to explore the vital milestones in the journey of a first-time business storyteller and how it helps build valuable lessons for work...
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storytelling as a marketing tool

Storytellers = Teachers = Marketers

Stories have been the source of information retention since the dawn of humankind. Teachers and marketers have been using the art of storytelling as an...
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What is marketing attribution

Getting Started with Attribution: Let’s Make Data Less Messy and More Insightful 

With marketing attribution, you can identify which content is driving conversions and generating revenue. Read our blog to find out the steps on getting.
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Personal Branding - We-Storytellers

Preserving the Sanctity of Personal Brand in LinkedIn Land  

Personal bands built on the foundation of authenticity and experience will stay. Here is our take on preserving the sanctity of Personal Branding on LinkedIn.
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Lead your product marketing with content strategy

Lead Your Product Marketing with Content Strategy

It’s a cluttered marketplace out there, so how do I make my product stand out? This question has often haunted all Product Marketers (PMs). With...
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3 Components of Technology Storytelling 

Drive Technology Engagement with Business Storytelling

It has been merely days since we all witnessed the wonders of the universe courtesy of the James Webb Space Telescope. A technological marvel in...
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bot writing

Can A Bot Write the Story of Your Impact?

As writers, we invest time trying to work out the likely impact of our storytelling on the reader. The packaging of words evokes emotions and...
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grow your brand on linkedin

Growth Hacks to Amplify Brand Content on LinkedIn

Explore a compiled list of growth hacks from our business cases and storytelling experience to increase the reach of your LinkedIn content to a larger...
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metaverse and virtual reality

Metaverse: A 21st Century Wonderland

Though touted as the future of the internet, the metaverse is more than that. It will transform how we live, from interactions to music, fashion...
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Positive Employee Experience

Practice What You Preach: Why You Need to Focus on Delivering Exceptional Employee Experience

In this blog, we explore why delivering a positive employee experience is the need of the hour. Read more to find out how to turn...
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Content marketing in metaverse

How Content Marketing Will Evolve in The Metaverse

Metaverse is a futuristic technology waiting to capture the attention of next-gen consumers. The world of content marketing is preparing for the next milestone in...
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attracting talent in the gig economy

Win the Talent War: How to Attract and Recruit Top Talent in the Gig Economy

The gig economy is transforming the work landscape, offering possibilities for growth. And businesses who take the right steps will come out on top.
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Who is responsible for employer branding

Employer Branding: Whose Responsibility is it?

Who exactly is responsible for employer branding in 2022 is the million-dollar question. Is it HR, CEO, Marketing or none? Read our blog to find...
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Strengthen Your Employer Brand for Better Business Value

Attracting and retaining talent is only half the story. What about future prospects you do not want to miss out on? Here are a few...
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Storytelling Workshops For Strengthening Brand Voice

Storytelling Workshops and why you need them?

Storytelling Workshops helps you sharpen your business storytelling skills for a win-win situation. Now engage your co-workers better giving way to shared vision and goals.
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Customer Stories – A Great Way to Engage

Customer Stories- A Great Way to Engage  

Discover how customer stories are an effective tool for building trust and strong connections with customers.
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Five Commandment of Business Storytelling

Five Commandments of Business Storytelling

Are marketers doing enough to get adequate returns marketing investments? We have charted Five Commandments of business storytelling for the perfect business story.
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Overcoming the Great Resignation with Better Workplace

Reimagining the Workplace: Curbing the Great Resignation

With the Great Resignation making monumental strides, is it signaling a shift in employer-employee relations? How do employers overcome this great phenomenon?
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Expressing Gratitude

Does Expressing Gratitude Make You Tongue Tied? Here are 5 Thoughtful Ways to Express Gratitude

Gratitude plays a pivotal role in strengthening relationships. Here are 5 thoughtful ways for expressing your gratitude with ease.
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Business Storytelling Workshops

Business Storytelling – Engage your Audience in Conversations that Drive Action

Accelerating business communication channels in organizations are a challenge for many. Storytelling workshops enhance your business storytelling skills to engage your co-workers better.
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We-Storytellers-SAP Blog

How is Business Storytelling profitable for B2B marketing?

If you are not telling a good story, you are leaving money on the table. The ultimate goal of a marketer is to build a referenceable customer...
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Employer Branding Benefits

Employer of Choice: The benefits of Employer Branding

Imagine someone is out there job-hunting. The candidate explores various job portals looking for new opportunities. In the digital age people have multiple options while job surfing. As an employer, how does one stand...
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Organic vs Paid Promotion :

What is your Content Strategy?

With all online discussions, it can be difficult to choose the best growth plan for building a social media brand. It is frequently a combination...
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Thought Leadership and Personal Branding

Building a Legacy: From Personal Branding to Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is much more than driving your own personal brand. A Thought Leader drives and inspires others to become leaders in their own right.  
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Employee Engagement

Building Bridges: Employee Engagement at the Workplace

Employee Engagement activities at the workplace increases the connection an employee feels with the workplace as an EBR strategy.  
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Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy: Beyond A Working Relationship

Employee Advocacy ensures your brand always stays one step ahead in the game for sustenance and growth.  
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The Indian Olympics story - WST

India @Olympics2020: Future Forward with Historic Performance

 India's Olympic dream is only beginning to manifest itself! More athletes will rise, more victories are yet to come.
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building a common ground

Common Ground: Create Meaningful Conversations with the Power of Empathy

Finding a common ground begins by developing listening, understanding, trust, empathy and encouragement. These attributes are cultivated with practice.  
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Experience, Expertise and Execution

Experience matters and expertise counts. They make a good pair, but execution - the master- makes the difference. Agree?
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Employee Engagement While Working Remotely

The future of employee engagement will rest on meeting core human needs, including a sense of belonging, greater purpose and respect.
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An A-Ha Moment: Discard Jargon for Clarity in Business Writing

Are you stuck with a business buzzword you love but are not sure whether you should use it? When in doubt, cut it out.
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Leadership Storytelling – The Business Impact

In the second #LeadershipStorytelling story, we discuss the advantages of storytelling in improving revenue and increasing operational efficiency. Read on.
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Lead By The Story

Global companies use storytelling as a leadership strategy and great leaders lead by the story. Explore our first story from the #LeadershipStorytelling series.
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Art of Writing Persuasive Stories

Some stories influence us like none other. That’s the art of persuasive writing. Explore how to master it and build a connection with the readers.
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What’s The Good Word? Add Context to Content with Pandemic Vocabulary

Finding a new word is like finding a shiny new coin on the kerb. If you are a logophile, here are some new pandemic vocabulary...
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Structuring Thoughts for Engaging Stories

A well defined outline is the backbone of great stories. Explore the mantras and build a comprehensive structure to write engaging stories. 
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Startup Marketing Mistakes

3 Marketing Mistakes Startups Must Avoid

If you are about to begin your startup marketing journey, make sure to avoid these three mistakes. This blog is an entrepreneur's journey to success. 
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Startup marketing, We-Storytellers

Marketing Cannot Be an Afterthought

When startups are busy laying the foundations, marketing often takes a backseat. Shouldn't marketing be paralleled with other critical activities?     
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Business Storytelling, We-Storytellers

Of Tropes and Templates

Business writing and creative writing are the twains that do not meet. Well, mostly. What if the both mingle? What happens when the tropes and...
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Communication Matters that Matter 

What do you do when you are gifted technically, aspire to reach the top but fall short in the area of communication? Read on to explore.
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Art of Asking Questions – The Secret to Compelling Stories

Unravel the mystery to craft marvelous stories with 4Cs of asking questions.
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The Science of Storytelling

Neuroscience has an equal claim in building a compelling narrative. Read on to find more the Science of Storytelling.
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Wit, Humour and a Dash of Mischief – Perfect Blend for Relishing Stories

Here's how you can wow your audience! Powerful storytelling with splash of humour and wit and bang on spontaneity.
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The Alchemy of Business Storytelling

“Once upon a time there was a ……”  Does your eyes get wide and your back relaxes when you read or listen to the words...
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leadership, empathy, organization communication, we-storytellers

People Management During the Pandemic

Emerge as a leader who ensures productivity, motivates employees and stays influential in remote work scenarios.
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brand positioning, marketing, marketing strategy, we-storytellers

The Power of Positioning

Unleash the power of positioning to connect with your audience, promote brand awareness and  enhance customer engagement.
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content marketing, content strategy, business storytelling, communication, we-storytellers

Of Writing and the Creative Process

Figure out the creative process for a fulfilling writing journey. Listen, understand, structure and write.
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Of Stories and Content: the Devil is Not in Detail. Look for Intent.

The art of business storytelling: How to build a differentiated voice, craft engaging stories and bring your audience along.
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Of Integrity and Maligned Facts: Musings of A Storyteller

What is a story? Discover the integral elements of storytelling; language, construct, flow and above all integrity.
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Is your Performance Management Communication Savvy?

Unwind the key parameters of an agile performance management system for a healthy organizational culture.
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Business Etiquettes in the Times of Covid

Should we rehash our soft skills? Explore the new business etiquettes to be learnt in the changed business scenarios
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3 Laws for Change Communications

Weave better stories to connect with your audience well  in these uncertain times with the laws to change communication
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How Starbucks Cashes on Nostalgia With Its New Campaign

Can nostalgia strengthen the bond with a brand? Unwind the magic of  Starbucks’ campaign that builds emotional connection.
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Of Silent Encore and Streaming Art

Can a digital portfolio of art match the aesthetics of an art gallery? Is the encore diluting to digital thumbs ups and claps?
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Of Fair Skin and Borrowed Identity

Witness the all new era of storytelling with the changing tone of advertising where Brands rethink their punchlines.
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The Cloud, The Rain And, A Rainbow

Here’s an interesting anecdote where the author shares experience of a monsoon evening, of cloud, rain and rainbow.
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You Should Not Be Reading This Story

Leading with intrigue. As a marketer or as a storyteller, how do you lead your audience to yearn for your offering?
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Leading With Empathy

Understand the increasing need for empathy, transparency and clarity of thought in the present remote work scenarios.
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#ContentMarketing2020 – Dump that Checklist

SEOs and keywords- are they the only way to attract your audience to your content? Or is it something else that engages them?
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