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Curbing the Great Resignation-We-Storytellers

Reimagining the Workplace: Curbing the Great Resignation

With the Great Resignation making monumental strides, is it signaling a shift in employer-employee relations? The number of employees leaving their jobs is not slowing...
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Expressing Gratitude

Does Expressing Gratitude Make You Tongue Tied? Here are 5 Thoughtful Ways to Express Gratitude

Gratitude plays a pivotal role in strengthening relationships both on a personal and professional level. Here are 5 thoughtful ways for expressing your gratitude with...
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Business Storytelling Workshops

Business Storytelling – Engage your Audience in Conversations that Drive Action

Accelerating business communication channels in organizations are a challenge for many. Storytelling workshops enhance your business storytelling skills to engage your co-workers better.
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We-Storytellers-SAP Blog

How is Business Storytelling profitable for B2B marketing?

If you are not telling a good story, you are leaving money on the table. The ultimate goal of a marketer is to build a referenceable customer...
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Employer Branding Benefits

Employer of Choice: The benefits of Employer Branding

Imagine someone is out there job-hunting. The candidate explores various job portals looking for new opportunities. In the digital age people have multiple options while job surfing. As an employer, how does one stand...
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Organic vs Paid Promotion :

What is your Content Strategy?

With all online discussions, it can be difficult to choose the best growth plan for building a social media brand. It is frequently a combination...
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Thought Leadership and Personal Branding

Building a Legacy: From Personal Branding to Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is much more than driving your own personal brand. A Thought Leader drives and inspires others to become leaders in their own right.  
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Employee Engagement

Building Bridges: Employee Engagement at the Workplace

Employee Engagement activities at the workplace increases the connection an employee feels with the workplace as an EBR strategy.  
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Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy: Beyond A Working Relationship

Employee Advocacy ensures your brand always stays one step ahead in the game for sustenance and growth.  
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The Indian Olympics story - WST

India @Olympics2020: Future Forward with Historic Performance

 India's Olympic dream is only beginning to manifest itself! More athletes will rise, more victories are yet to come.
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building a common ground

Common Ground: Create Meaningful Conversations with the Power of Empathy

Finding a common ground begins by developing listening, understanding, trust, empathy and encouragement. These attributes are cultivated with practice.  
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Experience, Expertise and Execution

Experience matters and expertise counts. They make a good pair, but execution - the master- makes the difference. Agree?
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Employee Engagement While Working Remotely

The future of employee engagement will rest on meeting core human needs, including a sense of belonging, greater purpose and respect.
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An A-Ha Moment: Discard Jargon for Clarity in Business Writing

Are you stuck with a business buzzword you love but are not sure whether you should use it? When in doubt, cut it out.
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Leadership Storytelling – The Business Impact

In the second #LeadershipStorytelling story, we discuss the advantages of storytelling in improving revenue and increasing operational efficiency. Read on.
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Lead By The Story

Global companies use storytelling as a leadership strategy and great leaders lead by the story. Explore our first story from the #LeadershipStorytelling series.
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Art of Writing Persuasive Stories

Some stories influence us like none other. That’s the art of persuasive writing. Explore how to master it and build a connection with the readers.
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What’s The Good Word? Add Context to Content with Pandemic Vocabulary

Finding a new word is like finding a shiny new coin on the kerb. If you are a logophile, here are some new pandemic vocabulary...
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Structuring Thoughts for Engaging Stories

A well defined outline is the backbone of great stories. Explore the mantras and build a comprehensive structure to write engaging stories. 
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Startup Marketing Mistakes

3 Marketing Mistakes Startups Must Avoid

If you are a young startup, make sure to avoid these three mistakes. This blog is an entrepreneur's journey to success. 
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Startup marketing, We-Storytellers

Marketing Cannot Be an Afterthought

When startups are busy laying the foundations, marketing often takes a backseat. Shouldn't marketing be paralleled with other critical activities?     
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Business Storytelling, We-Storytellers

Of Tropes and Templates

Business writing and creative writing are the twains that do not meet. Well, mostly. What if the both mingle? What happens when the tropes and...
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Communication Matters that Matter 

What do you do when you are gifted technically, aspire to reach the top but fall short in the area of communication? Read on to explore.
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Art of Asking Questions – The Secret to Compelling Stories

Unravel the mystery to craft marvelous stories with 4Cs of asking questions.
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The Science of Storytelling

Neuroscience has an equal claim in building a compelling narrative. Read on to find more the Science of Storytelling.
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Wit, Humour and a Dash of Mischief – Perfect Blend for Relishing Stories

Here's how you can wow your audience! Powerful storytelling with splash of humour and wit and bang on spontaneity.
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The Alchemy of Business Storytelling

“Once upon a time there was a ……”  Does your eyes get wide and your back relaxes when you read or listen to the words...
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People Management During the Pandemic

Emerge as a leader who ensures productivity, motivates employees and stays influential in remote work scenarios.
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brand positioning, marketing, marketing strategy, we-storytellers

The Power of Positioning

Unleash the power of positioning to connect with your audience, promote brand awareness and  enhance customer engagement.
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content marketing, content strategy, business storytelling, communication, we-storytellers

Of Writing and the Creative Process

Figure out the creative process for a fulfilling writing journey. Listen, understand, structure and write.
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Of Stories and Content: the Devil is Not in Detail. Look for Intent.

The art of business storytelling: How to build a differentiated voice, craft engaging stories and bring your audience along.
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Of Integrity and Maligned Facts: Musings of A Storyteller

What is a story? Discover the integral elements of storytelling; language, construct, flow and above all integrity.
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Is your Performance Management Communication Savvy?

Unwind the key parameters of an agile performance management system for a healthy organizational culture.
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Business Etiquettes in the Times of Covid

Should we rehash our soft skills? Explore the new business etiquettes to be learnt in the changed business scenarios
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3 Laws for Change Communications

Weave better stories to connect with your audience well  in these uncertain times with the laws to change communication
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How Starbucks Cashes on Nostalgia With Its New Campaign

Can nostalgia strengthen the bond with a brand? Unwind the magic of  Starbucks’ campaign that builds emotional connection.
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Of Silent Encore and Streaming Art

Can a digital portfolio of art match the aesthetics of an art gallery? Is the encore diluting to digital thumbs ups and claps?
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Of Fair Skin and Borrowed Identity

Witness the all new era of storytelling with the changing tone of advertising where Brands rethink their punchlines.
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The Cloud, The Rain And, A Rainbow

Here’s an interesting anecdote where the author shares experience of a monsoon evening, of cloud, rain and rainbow.
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You Should Not Be Reading This Story

Leading with intrigue. As a marketer or as a storyteller, how do you lead your audience to yearn for your offering?
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Leading With Empathy

Understand the increasing need for empathy, transparency and clarity of thought in the present remote work scenarios.
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#ContentMarketing2020 – Dump that Checklist

SEOs and keywords- are they the only way to attract your audience to your content? Or is it something else that engages them?
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