Business Growth with Thought Leadership
In 2024, we can anticipate a series of positive market changes and significant global events, some even challenging & critical. Effective leadership will be crucial, and leaders who can help their teams navigate through the transitions with resilience and agility will create the greatest value. In this context, thought leadership can be a powerful tool...
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A deep exploration into the subtleties of brand storytelling
A founder, brand strategist, coach and bestselling author, Ambi M G Parameswaran brings over 40 years of experience in crafting successful brand stories for notable companies such as TCS, ICICI Bank, and Wipro.  He is an accomplished author of eleven books, including bestsellers like “Nawabs Nudes Noodles – India Through 50 Years of Advertising” [a...
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Exploring brand storytelling from a marketer’s perspective
A passionate learner, marketer and storyteller, Aditya finds joy in the exploration of change and transformation across industries, geographies, and cultures.   With an extensive background in strategy and branding at JWT, Ogilvy, and iflix/WeTV Malaysia, followed by Lazada in Southeast Asia, he has mastered the science behind marketing while skillfully employing the narrative magic of...
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Building customer personalization
Knowing how your customer feels could be the key to building a lasting relationship with your brand. While there is a lot of steadfast data available, digital distances and cultural differences make it hard for marketers to understand how people really feel. Technological advancements are making it possible to overcome this complexity. In this article,...
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Exploring the psychological effects of AI
AI is now an integral part of our work and personal lives, making things easier with virtual assistants and smart devices that cater to our individual preferences. But the fundamental question – Is AI making our lives meaningful or are we getting caught in a web of dependency and vulnerability, possibly feeling isolated and emotionless,...
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Mastering Business Storytelling as a Skill
Business storytelling elevates businesses above transactions. It weaves, crafts and connects businesses to its stakeholders with thoughtful narratives.   Think about Nike, their ‘Just do it’ campaign brilliantly championed them as visionaries who understood the intersection of sports, culture, and individual ambition, driving deeper connections with their audience beyond the product.  Today’s business landscape is built...
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A roadmap to client success
Here’s an interesting story.  Sarah, an experienced marketer, had an interesting encounter when her client, John, visited her office one day. John, an enthusiastic inventor, had developed an innovative gadget he believed would transform the way people communicated. With a gleam of excitement in his eyes, he introduced his creation, “CommuTech,” a compact device promising...
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Crafting a thought leadership positioning
Everyone has something to say, but why should anyone listen?   Well, if you are part of that group of everybody, your voice is drowned in the noise.   You have your expertise and experience to share. Your knowledge can be a guiding light to new businesses, and aspiring professionals and propel a healthy exchange of ideas...
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The role of influencer marketing in B2B companies
Influencer marketing or social media marketing has been associated with B2C for a very long time. But given its reach and credibility today, it is slowly and steadily gaining importance in B2B companies too.   With paid marketing becoming evasive, B2B companies are finding new ways to connect with their target audience authentically to drive value.  ...
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Communication That Captivates: Leadership Communication Leading for Employer Brand
Winston Churchill famously asserted, “The difference between mere management and leadership is communication.”  Effective leadership communication is the bedrock of trust, engagement, and a shared sense of purpose within organizations. It entails sharing information, ideas, and values between leaders and team members, fueling growth and enhancing the Employer Brand.  True leaders not only guide but...
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