A deep exploration into the subtleties of brand storytelling
A founder, brand strategist, coach and bestselling author, Ambi M G Parameswaran brings over 40 years of experience in crafting successful brand stories for notable companies such as TCS, ICICI Bank, and Wipro.  He is an accomplished author of eleven books, including bestsellers like “Nawabs Nudes Noodles – India Through 50 Years of Advertising” [a...
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Exploring brand storytelling from a marketer’s perspective
A passionate learner, marketer and storyteller, Aditya finds joy in the exploration of change and transformation across industries, geographies, and cultures.   With an extensive background in strategy and branding at JWT, Ogilvy, and iflix/WeTV Malaysia, followed by Lazada in Southeast Asia, he has mastered the science behind marketing while skillfully employing the narrative magic of...
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Business Storytelling
When was the last time you were enthralled by a story?   I am sure there would have been nights where you couldn’t help but stay awake to finish a gripping novel or movie. Or perhaps, changed your perspective to something after reading an intriguing story in a newspaper, magazine, or on social media.  We have...
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