April 3, 2024
A Serial Entrepreneur's Take on AI-Powered Content and Technology
An ABM evangelist, host, Co-founder, and CEO, Arun Gopalaswami is an expert in startup mentoring, offering actionable Go-to-Market insights. He enjoys fusing data, personalization, and orchestration to empower Go-to-Market teams in converting high-value accounts into loyal customers. Arun’s strength lies in formulating impactful strategies, which he has demonstrated through his ventures such as Ignite ABM...
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How Customer Stories Can Shape Your Brand Identity
Today, customers require social proof before they make a purchase decision. In fact, a Nielsen study shows that 88% of consumers buy products based on recommendations from people they know. This proof comes from customer stories – the experiences people share about your brand.   Here’s the most important thing – customer stories validate your product’s...
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