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With over 830 million users, LinkedIn is one of the most extensive professional networks globally.   

Has the marketing team in your organization taken LinkedIn seriously? If not, well, LinkedIn is turning out to be a platform that is not just another digital touchpoint for your prospective clients but also potential hires.   

Setting up an impeccable LinkedIn Company page can be a massive advantage for SMEs and larger enterprises in the short as well as long run.  

One of the challenges our peer groups state is that scaling the reach of content on LinkedIn has been tough. Agreed, the algorithm of LinkedIn is distinct from other social media counterparts, but that doesn’t mean it is not possible to increase the reach of your content.   

LinkedIn’s algorithm is constantly updated, requiring you to stay on top of the changes and understand them.  79% of B2B organizations attribute the increase in their sales funnel’s velocity to LinkedIn. And as one of the excellent streams for leads, increasing number of organisations vie for attention and engagement through their content on LinkedIn, despite the fluctuating algorithm.   

If you see your competitor’s metrics are way higher above your metrics, the reasons could be two –   

  1. Not able to match the marketing budget on paid ads  
  1. Not able to produce scalable content   

In this blog, we have curated tried, and tested growth hacks that amplify your brand’s content. These hacks are organic and they will help generate leads in the long run.   

Growth hacks to amplify content  

Hack 1 – Posts that work  

Focus on crafting posts that generate conversations. Engagement metrics are golden for a growing business profile to drive traffic to the page. Humanize your conversations by asking thoughtful questions to involve your audience rather than making the content promotional.   

Your audience would also be interested in knowing more about your people. Share human interest stories to introduce the people behind your brand, and use  employee appreciation content, people stories, and posts cherishing your company culture.   

Some organizations get the content right but face  challenges with delivery. Your brand’s content calendar should be your utmost priority. It keeps your increase in followers steady. Be consistent with your posts and observe at what time of the day your posts work well.   


  • Avoid tagging irrelevant users to your posts. Tagging influencers or organizations with significant followership will not necessarily work in your favour. Your post views will still be low if the person you tag doesn’t engage with your post.   
  • Don’t fixate on image posts only. Many LinkedIn users blunder by sticking to  posts with images. LinkedIn’s algorithm favours certain content types over others, so it’s vital to have a mix of content on LinkedIn.  
  • Avoid using external links in posts. The LinkedIn algorithm does not like users leaving their platform; hence it discourages posts that have non-native content.  

 Hack 2- Make the best of Employee advocacy.  

Amplify your reach by taking advantage of the employee community within your organization. Every LinkedIn user has average 400 connections, so, when your workforce chooses to share your content, your brand’s visibility scales up.   

LinkedIn’s Recommend to Employee feature gives you the option to curate unique content that your workforce can share, not reshared but shared. This feature leverages LinkedIn’s algorithm to promote individual posts over reshared posts.   

Mention your employees in posts that highlight their achievements or contributions, and this propels employee engagement on the company’s page. 

Apart from the above hack, you can also choose to leverage the individual LinkedIn profiles of executives in your organization. With specially curated Thought Leadership Programmes for your executives, you can exhibit your workforce’s talent, which has two benefits,  

1) It Would make it easier to connect with your prospective leads as it increases your organization’s authenticity in the industry providing real value.  

2) It Makes talent acquisition a much easier task to tackle, as the future hires would be exposed to the company’s culture which may heighten their willingness to join.   

Hack 3 Join topical conversations with hashtags  

LinkedIn produces significantly less content in comparison with other social media platforms. Hence, it is essential to know that your brand’s hashtag strategy should be different from what it is on other channels.   

According to LinkedIn, you should use hashtags to-   

  • Establish your credibility and expertise  
  • Reach people who value your insights  
  • Start meaningful conversations over shared interests  

Associate your brand’s content with a unique hashtag followed by two relevant hashtags. The relevancy of the hashtag can be found by using the search bar on LinkedIn. You will be able to see how many users follow a particular hashtag.   

 Hashtags can also help you reach new and relevant communities and engage in value-based conversations with a broader audience.   


  • Don’t overuse your hashtags. Use hashtags moderately (2-3 per post), as too many hashtags make your post hard to read.   

Bonus Hack: Make the best of the Newsletter 

The LinkedIn newsletter is an excellent outreach to discover new content and engage with your audience. With the LinkedIn newsletter, your brand can not only create awareness amongst your audience but also increase the chances to generate leads. Make sure to follow the Newsletter best practices; title, description, cover photo, and a logo.  

Our take on delivering the most effective Newsletter lies in delivering valuable, informative content to your audience. Never make your Newsletter on LinkedIn promotional.   

Quantifying your efforts  

Your brand’s page admin has access to a robust set of analytics provided by LinkedIn, It includes demographic information of your audience, followers, and visitors. Use this data for deeper insights and work on the information to create content that resonates with what your audience wants.   

LinkedIn advises you to do the following with the analytics –   

  • By analyzing who is engaging with what, you can refine your most compelling content and offer more of the same.  
  • With Content Suggestions, you can measure each post’s popularity and level of interaction – and determine what content to feature next.  
  • If you add a tracking code to the links in your posts, you can see what traffic you are driving to your company’s website through your LinkedIn Page updates.  

Also, always acknowledge your audience’s comments and mentions that you get along the way.   

It can get overwhelming to get these hacks in motion. If your brand could do with some   help in taking your LinkedIn strategy up, connect with us at– [email protected]  

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