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3 Components of Technology Storytelling 

It has been merely days since we all witnessed the wonders of the universe courtesy of the James Webb Space Telescope. A technological marvel in itself, every image it generates is a treasure trove of valuable scientific data. But did we feel overwhelmed by the flow of scientific jargon and astronomical data?  No. Because the narrative was empathetically designed to pique our curiosity about the vast universe. Moreover, it encourages interaction and discussion, making us feel at ease while looking at such unique information. This is the power of storytelling. It generates interest in associating with as well as exploring the world around us.   

As humans, we are wired to stories over statistics. And as consumers, we are primarily focused on what technology enables us to achieve. Business storytelling packages the ‘whys’ and ‘how’s’ of technology to focus primarily on the human side. This appeal generates the all-important human-technology connection.  


3 Vital Components of Every Technology Storytelling  


Create Novelty Over the ‘Why’

The famous clip of Steve Jobs slipping the iPod into his pocket is a testament to the impact of great storytelling. Of course, various music playback devices already existed, and many came after that. But why did the iPod capture everyone’s attention?  Alongside the trend-setting features, it was the compelling narrative of ‘1000 songs in your pocket’ that had a mass appeal. After all, it didn’t just change the way we listened to music; it changed the entire music industry.  


Every story is based on a premise. In technology storytelling, the focus is often on what’s better or unique about the technology in question. This differentiator helps create an identity for the product or service in the market.    


Focus on the End State

Suppose you do not have an express need for particular technology at a certain point in time. But it still sells. Why? Because that technology happens to be a disruptor that kindles a desire in the mind of the customer. And the storyteller’s role is to sustain that excitement.  


Consider Elon Musk and the storytelling around Hyperloop. The narrative drew parallel with the existing magnetic levitating bullet trains. The real-world ride between Tokyo and Osaka helped us visualize the simulated 12-minute ride from San Fransisco to Los Angeles within a frictionless tube hurtling at 750 mph. The video simulation seemed all too real, further pulling us into the journey. Stories appeal to us because they are about what we reach for, not where we are.  


Establish the Connection with Your Audience

Better business, better employee experience, better customer experience; irrespective of the field, the core purpose of tech remains the same – to enhance the lives of all around. It is vital to understand that your product or service story differentiates your brand from competitors.  


Irrespective of brand and business, we prefer to engage with companies only when their message speaks to us. The business proposition of Google Ads makes sense only when customers’ success stories create an emotional connection with us. Similarly, many people envision Lenskart in their mind when thinking about eyewear because the 3D TryOn feature has bridged the distance between the service and experience involved.   


These elements combine to bring a human face to the intricacies involved with technology. So, crafting a story around the technology is important to attract customers.  


Business Storytelling Helps Humanize Technology  


Each of us comes across multiple technologies on a daily basis. But our interest diminishes as we try to understand what is going on under the hood. What we care about is the utility derived. So, brands must recognize that technologies solve our everyday problems and, in turn, become an extension of ourselves.   


For instance, consider the rapid and widespread adoption of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or any other. The ‘magic’ was sold; the technology was simply the enabler. Essential AI features and ML algorithms matter the least to the end-user. We are hooked and sold on the promise of ‘you speak, and it is done’, rightly so. The video campaign #BolneSeSabHoga by Google India, featuring the “Okay Google” function, subtly put forth the ease of voice search, even in vernacular language.   


Get Your Message Across with Technology Storytelling   


From Ford Model T to Tesla, technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Here on, every generation would increasingly be conversant with technology, a cloud-native, so to speak. Technology needs to foster a sense of human connection. And therein lies the true magic of technology storytelling.   


Partner with us to develop your technology story. Stories that inspire confidence and generate curiosity among customers. Craft stories that help your product fit into your customers’ imagination.  


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