Startup Marketing Mistakes

Startup marketing is gaining leverage all around. New-age ideas are looking to find their ground in fields that are generally dominated by the big boys of the corporate world. However, mistakes are common in a start-up marketing journey and they needed to be avoided at all costs.

You ask why?

Well, let me tell you a personal story.

Recently, my friend and founder of one of Bengaluru’s vibrant startups invited me to their new office in a co-working space.  

The office, minimally designed with a tinge of white and a tint of black, overlooks the city’s swankiest buildings. Works of postmodern art from around the globe adorns its walls and corners. A vibrant team is busy preparing for the launch of a new application that connects students with tutors for any art, language, or subject. 

I walk towards my friend’s desk. We greet each other in Covid terms. Coffee arrives and our conversation starts.  

“It is not easy being a founder. It is not easy capturing the market even when you have exceptional products or ideas,” he says, sipping his coffee from a branded white coffee mug.  

My friend had this idea way before big players came into the picture. But it took him long to give birth to the brand, his brainchild. All he said during the conversation was, how differently he could have marketed his brand right at the start.  

Does it matter? I asked. 

“The time lost will tell you why it matters.” 

In his words, these are the three mistakes a startup must avoid to think differently when kicking off.

Startup Marketing: A Balanced Focus on Consumer and Product  

Every product has the capabilities to solve the needs of a certain customer base. I thought all of my products would sell no matter what. I did not train my marketing team to focus on the gap our products could fill. Or make customers understand how it would help their business to be more efficient.  I know what the product would change and how it does. I should have known who needs it and how they need it.  

At the end of the day, who am I selling the products and services to?  

Getting the Messaging Right at the Start  

Website is important. Product brochures too. I had the best developer and designer to get my website done in a day. But all of it adds value when we have the right positioning. It has a dangerous side too. Getting the messaging wrong could set incorrect notions about the company.  

Even when I had an incredible team, the messaging did not reflect the brand’s strength. Nothing reflected what I intended to communicate. I can’t agree more to the fact that it is essential to hit the bull’s eye with much clarity in your marketing. Hook the end user with clear crafted communication which they cannot miss.  

It saves time.  

Maintaining Consistency in Brand Persona 

It is essential to analyze and study the target audience. We need to have a clear idea of what kind of brand image and identity we would like to establish. Imagine starting off with one tone and you keep changing it every time. The tone stays in the heart of customers, prospects and everyone in the market. We can’t violate our own identity and remain a trusted and loyal brand. Luckily for me, it was not too late to correct my mistake. 

Imagine those who have lost trust for being faceless?  

Every business, either small or big needs to pay attention to the nuances in how they choose to market the brand. Missing out on startup marketing practices will cost them beyond the financial loss. Luckily, my friend knew what had to be changed for his business to thrive. And, he did it. Wisely and successfully.  

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