Achieving brand differentiation in a crowded digital landscape
AI, with its diverse content generation tools, is significantly reshaping the content marketing industry. A recent Statistical report reveals that the global market revenue of AI in marketing is expected to reach 36 billion dollars by the end of 2024.   The AI tools no doubt act as magic beans for marketers today, helping them curate...
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The impact of AI in marketing
The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on marketers is reshaping the way they approach their craft. From data analytics to customer engagement, AI is influencing every aspect of marketing, offering numerous opportunities for efficiency and innovation. Marketers now have access to advanced algorithms that can sift through vast datasets, uncover hidden patterns, and generate actionable...
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A Serial Entrepreneur's Take on AI-Powered Content and Technology
An ABM evangelist, host, Co-founder, and CEO, Arun Gopalaswami is an expert in startup mentoring, offering actionable Go-to-Market insights. He enjoys fusing data, personalization, and orchestration to empower Go-to-Market teams in converting high-value accounts into loyal customers. Arun’s strength lies in formulating impactful strategies, which he has demonstrated through his ventures such as Ignite ABM...
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