Customer Stories- A Great Way to Engage  

Customer Stories – A Great Way to Engage

With today’s cluttered marketplace and people’s attention span dwindling to a mere eight seconds, what can companies do to maintain visibility. Customer engagement becomes crucial not only to draw in but also retain customers. Often, case studies are used to highlight the successful journey embarked upon by a company and their employees. However, it lacks an important aspect necessary to connect with the audience. The missing piece of the puzzle that is the key to winning the trust of your clients- Customer Stories.  

Customer stories not only shine but outshine case studies. Although case studies have their place in business marketing, customer stories do it better when it comes to catching the audience’s attention.   

 So, what gives customer stories this edge? 


Perspective Is the Key   

Perspective is what makes the difference. Case studies are company-centric. They revolve around what the company does, their products and services. Conversely, customer stories are customer-centric narratives, and focus on the experiential impact of that ‘product or service’ on the customer. It is this shift from a company-focused to customer-focused approach that makes all the difference.   

 Why does this difference in perspective make such an impact?  

 Neuroscience has the answer.   


Side Effects of a Good Story   

Yes, you run a business, but it cannot be just about interaction with customers. It would help if you had a personal and emotional engagement with your audience.   

A Princeton study shows that when we listen to someone tell a story, our brain waves rearrange themselves to match the patterns of the storyteller. Here, neuroscience points to neurons called- “mirrors”, residing in our brains. These ‘mirrors’ help us empathize with others’ stories, especially those who are in similar positions as us.     

Thus, by talking about the customer’s journey and making them the hero of their stories, companies build a solid emotional connection with the audience. The truth is that people are less interested in what you make or sell. They are more invested in solving their problems, adding value to their lives, fulfilling their desires, and more. As customer stories focus on the impact and value of the product for the customer, they become an effective tool in creating a connection between customers and companies.   

But how does forming an emotional connect with the audience impact companies?  


Emotion over Promotion   


Simple!  Building an emotional bond with the customer has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line.   

Need proof? Let us present some data. Research conducted by Google has revealed, how, even in B2B marketing, emotional connection has a significant role in decision-making. They found that almost 50% of B2B purchasers are more likely to buy a product or service that provides professional and personal value. They are also eight times more likely to pay a premium for comparable products and services that provide individual worth. Simply put, building emotional connections with customers drives purchases.   

So, by making the customer the protagonist of your marketing story, you’ll reel in more prospects.   

But what about the company and its products?    


Customer Stories –Paving the Way for Better Engagement    

Now just like a protagonist has obstacles to overcome, the customer has their challenges too. And this is where your company enters the narrative - as solution provider to the customer’s business challenge, as a guide to the protagonist, like Gandalf to Frodo. This is how your brand can put its foot forward by positioning itself as the guiding support the customer needs to conquer their problems and get their happily ever after.    

Case studies and customer stories both talk about a company and its products. What sets them apart, however, is the way how one talks about them. They both use the same ingredients, the same set of information, but the difference lies in their perspective and presentation. And this difference, this small but powerful shift has a big impact, increasing customer engagement.   


Customer Stories- The Gift That Keeps Giving    

Customer stories show prospective clients how a company’s product can help them resolve their problems. As they generate social proof in the voice of the customer, they give companies greater credibility. They deliver a double bonanza- not only driving purchases but also building brand loyalty.   

According to Deloitte, customer-centric companies were 60% more profitable than those that didn’t focus on the consumer. In short, customer stories give you more bang for your buck.   

This is why We-Storytellers writes customer stories to empower clients, to connect with and impress their customers, enabling them to win over their business deals and challenges. It is this customer-centric approach that we bring into our storytelling.   

Are you interested in exploring the power of customer stories in your business?  

Connect with us now! - [email protected]   

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