Achieving brand differentiation in a crowded digital landscape
AI, with its diverse content generation tools, is significantly reshaping the content marketing industry. A recent Statistical report reveals that the global market revenue of AI in marketing is expected to reach 36 billion dollars by the end of 2024.   The AI tools no doubt act as magic beans for marketers today, helping them curate...
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How Customer Stories Can Shape Your Brand Identity
Today, customers require social proof before they make a purchase decision. In fact, a Nielsen study shows that 88% of consumers buy products based on recommendations from people they know. This proof comes from customer stories – the experiences people share about your brand.   Here’s the most important thing – customer stories validate your product’s...
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Crafting a thought leadership positioning
Everyone has something to say, but why should anyone listen?   Well, if you are part of that group of everybody, your voice is drowned in the noise.   You have your expertise and experience to share. Your knowledge can be a guiding light to new businesses, and aspiring professionals and propel a healthy exchange of ideas...
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Two recent adverts tugged at heartstrings and brought forth fond memories of the nineties in the Indian diaspora. The first ad, launched in July 2023, celebrated India’s ‘social network’ with the popular tea brand – Red Label, which had teamed with Ogilvy’s creative team to pay homage to social networking – online and offline. Close...
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Unleash the power of positioning to connect with your audience, promote brand awareness and  enhance customer engagement.
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