Employer branding
Communication That Captivates: Leadership Communication Leading for Employer Brand
Winston Churchill famously asserted, “The difference between mere management and leadership is communication.”  Effective leadership communication is the bedrock of trust, engagement, and a shared sense of purpose within organizations. It entails sharing information, ideas, and values between leaders and team members, fueling growth and enhancing the Employer Brand.  True leaders not only guide but...
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attracting talent in the gig economy
The gig economy is transforming the work landscape, offering possibilities for growth. And businesses who take the right steps will come out on top.
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Who is responsible for employer branding
Who exactly is responsible for employer branding in 2022 is the million-dollar question. Is it HR, CEO, Marketing or none? Read our blog to find out.
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Attracting and retaining talent is only half the story. What about future prospects you do not want to miss out on? Here are a few handpicked initiatives to build a positive employer brand in 2022 and beyond.
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Employee Advocacy
Employee Advocacy ensures your brand always stays one step ahead in the game for sustenance and growth.  
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