You Should Not Be Reading This Story

You should not be reading this story. Why should you read it anyway?

But you are reading alright!

And, you will continue to read. You are intrigued. Aren’t you?

What is this story I have, that I would rather have you not read it?

And, now that I have your attention, let me unfold the story.

This is a story about leading with intrigue. Goading you, the reader, to dig deep. And, then giving you enough stimulating leads to continue the treasure hunt.

The marketers call it a teaser. The competition tries to snub down such stories as titillation. And, the audience? The audience more often than not is interested enough to turn the cover and abandon the story with a yawn in a few pages.

Yawning already?

Wake up, I have something for you. Sample this. Yes, I am making the biggest mistake in digital marketing playbook. I am sending you away from my page. But I am confident in my story. I am convinced that you will be back.

Are you back?

So, what did you see in the video? Did you cringe, just a little?

Did you, for a second, wonder if you have been conforming to the behaviours described therein? Did you ask yourself if you have been a racist, unconsciously?

This is a sensitive subject. Emotional. Social. Political. Existential.

A lot has been said on the subject. A lot is yet to be said on the subject.

But, here in this story, it is said differently. And, it resonates. For both sides.

This is a story well told.

This is a story with a contrarian approach.

And, if you are still reading, you have got the point.

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